4 Reasons To Have Sealcoating Applied To Your Parking Lot On A Regular Basis

Posted on: 23 August 2017

Putting in an asphalt parking lot is a major investment for your company so you want the lot to last as long as possible. To do that, you should have a sealcoat applied every few years. Paying for sealcoating saves money over the years because it slows down the aging of your lot and helps prevent the need for major repairs. Here is a look at the benefits of sealcoating your parking lot.

Sealcoating Keeps Your Lot Attractive

Your parking lot makes the first impression on your customers and clients. If your lot is faded, cracked, and covered with weeds, it doesn't say good things about you. One of the best benefits of regular sealcoating is that it keeps your parking lot a dark, fresh color so your lot is always well-kept and attractive.

A Sealcoat Acts As A Waterproof Barrier

Rain is often the enemy of asphalt, especially if it pools in areas that don't drain well. When water settles into cracks, it can gradually turn the cracks into potholes. Water can even affect the soil base under the lot and cause it to sink or shift. Sealcoating is a waterproof barrier that keeps water out of the asphalt. This slows down the development of cracks and will prolong the life of the asphalt.

Sealcoating Protects Against Abrasions

When your parking lot has a lot of traffic, the top layer of the asphalt is gradually worn away from the abrasions caused by the turning of tires. You can prevent this from happening by applying a sacrificial sealcoating. The sealcoat wears away rather than the surface of the asphalt. This protects against the development of potholes, cracks, and crumbling. It can also delay the need for resurfacing the lot. The sealcoat must be applied on a regular basis before it is completely worn away to provide the most protection to your parking lot.

A Sealcoat Offers Protection From UV Damage

The sun fades dark asphalt rather quickly. It turns it to a grayish color that makes it look worn. Sun exposure is not only a cosmetic problem. UV rays can actually break down the asphalt and contribute to cracking and crumbling. The sealcoat is a barrier that keeps UV rays from reaching the asphalt. This keeps your parking lot from looking worn out and it helps prolong the life of your lot.

A commercial sealcoating company can recommend a frequency for applying a sealcoat to your lot. You may need a new coat every year or two depending on the amount of daily traffic on the lot. New sealcoating on a regular basis keeps your lot looking like new and it guards against deterioration. Also, since sealcoating itself doesn't repair cracks, small damaged areas are repaired first which means your lot will receive regular preventative maintenance that keeps potholes and large crumbles at bay.


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