A Few Reasons Why You Need To Keep Up With Sealcoating Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Posted on: 25 August 2017

If you have a business with an asphalt parking lot, it can be tempting to forego having it sealcoated every couple of years to save money if it is not looking bad. However, the truth is this is the best time to have it sealed. If there are cracks or hole, you will need to have them filled before you can have the sealant applied. If you are thinking about waiting another year, consider the following before you make the final decision:


Without a doubt, sealcoating maintains the appearance of your parking lot. Asphalt that has not been sealed, or that has a sealant that has worn away, will start to look old and gray. In addition, it will start to dry out and crack. Having a nice looking parking lot may not seem important to you, but it tells potential customers that you do not take care of your place properly. This, in turn, will have them thinking you are not going to take care of them and their needs properly either. You do not want to lose business because you didn't take the time to have the parking lot maintained.


The asphalt sealcoating that is applied helps keep the natural oils in the asphalt from drying out. This will not only help prevent cracks and holes but will help it maintain its flexibility. As heavy cars park on the asphalt you want it to be flexible enough to keep ruts from forming where the wheels sit. Sealcoating gives the material some give; the moisture and oils will compress with weight but will then expand again when the weight is gone.


Sealcoated asphalt is easier to clean. A broom can easily sweep up most loose materials when it is not stuck in the asphalt. Liquids will not be able to soak into the asphalt and can be hosed off. If you have lines painted for parking spaces, they will last longer on a coating than they would on plain asphalt.

Don't let your parking lot keep you from appealing to new customers. Once the coating has deteriorated on the asphalt, contact a professional company to come and sealcoat it again. Not only will this keep your establishment looking good, you won't have to worry about damage to your or your employees' cars when holes start to form and grow. You will find he money you spend will be well worth it.


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