Are You Accidentally Destroying Your New Driveway?

Posted on: 15 September 2017

After your first smooth drive up your black, sleek new driveway, you'll be happy that you took the time and made the investment. After a few more trips, however, getting used to the new landscape could mean you start behaving in the same old ways. You might start to accidentally destroy your driveway without even noticing. Do any of these things sound familiar?

You're Not Cleaning It

A few dead leaves or a small oil spill aren't going to ruin a new driveway, right? Unfortunately, it's just these kinds of thoughts that are problematic and ultimately lead to the destruction of many driveways. Your driveway must be kept clean if you expect it to remain intact and beautiful. That means that every week or so you should be sweeping away debris and cleaning any spills. 

You Let Heavy Vehicles Drive on It

On garbage removal day, you may be thrilled that the garbage truck can roll right up the new driveway so you don't have to walk your trash cans down to the street. However, consider how large that garbage truck is; it carries tons of trash and is extremely heavy. That kind of weight, especially if you encourage them to drive up the driveway every week, can stress the surface too much. Cracks, even small ones, can begin to appear. 

Cracks are not dangerous at first, but whenever rain or snow get into them, they can widen that much more. Not only that, but as water ultimately finds its way into soil, the ground itself shifts. Over time, as vehicles make the drive over and over, cracks could be very serious and make your driveway look terrible.

Therefore, keep bringing those cans down to the street. In fact, do your best to keep any heavy vehicle off the driveway.

You Never Sealed It

At first, you may have planned to apply sealcoating later. You might have thought it wasn't necessary. What you didn't think about, though, was the toll the elements would take on the asphalt. Sun, ice, rain, snow and rock salt can beat up on the asphalt surface and leave it looking dull before its time. Have your contractor rectify this problem immediately and have a coating applied.

If you've realized that you are very possibly damaging the driveway you worked so hard to have, don't worry. A paving contractor can ensure you take whatever steps possible to preserve it.


Protecting My New Driveway

I worked hard for years to make my home and yard look incredible, which is why I started thinking about replacing my driveway. After having the entire driveway replaced, I really felt great about the difference that it had made. My yard looked new and beautiful, so I knew I had to do what I could to protect it. I started focusing carefully on doing everything I could not to let the space become damaged, and I was really impressed with how much of a difference it made. This blog is all about protecting my driveway and making things right. Check it out!