3 Benefits Of A Concrete Parking Lot

Posted on: 11 September 2018

When you decided to install a parking lot on your commercial property, it was probably your first instinct to call an asphalt paving company. After all, most of the parking lots that you have seen and used have probably been paved with asphalt. Concrete is another ideal choice for parking lots, and it's arguable that it might even be better. Here are some reasons why a concrete parking lot might be better for your commercial property.

1. Decorative Touches Can Be Added

Fresh asphalt that has been installed and smoothed properly looks nice in its own way, but you could be hoping for something a little better in the looks department. Concrete finishing services can actually do more with concrete to make it look decorative, so if aesthetics are something that you're really thinking about when installing your parking lot then concrete might be the better choice. You can choose tinted concrete if you would like a color that is a bit more attractive than the traditional gray concrete, or you can have designs etched into the concrete for a beautiful finish.

2. It's Stronger in the Long Run

Asphalt pavement might be durable, but it's not as durable as concrete. It's actually softer, so things like heavy vehicles driving in the parking lot or parking there regularly can take a toll on the parking area. Concrete is much stronger, so if you want a parking lot that is able to handle the weight of large trucks and other heavy vehicles, it's the better option. For those who have a lot of truckers or other drivers of large vehicles using their parking lots, concrete is the obvious choice. It's also good for long-term durability even in parking lots that won't have this type of heavy use.

3. It Won't Require as Much Maintenance

You will need to have asphalt parking lots repaired and sealcoated often if you don't want them to wear out too quickly. Naturally, cracks in your concrete can happen and will need to be addressed if you want to maintain the integrity of the concrete; however, overall maintenance is much easier with concrete parking lots, and it's not needed as frequently.

Asphalt parking lots are used widely for certain reasons, so you don't have to immediately opt against an asphalt parking lot. If you weigh out these advantages in comparison to the advantages of an asphalt parking lot, though, you might just find that concrete wins out.


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